Detailed Anatomy Modelling


Blood Pressure Cuff Augmented Reality

Early Testing using Vuforia for marker reading.


Produced for The University of the West of England these 3D models were intended for use in anatomy education. Each system required meticulous naming to ensure that correct information was provided to students. As well as the typical application of high definition renders these models (at their lowest resolution) were rendered and used in real-time in augmented reality apps which I developed in the Unity game engine after conducting research into Wikitude, Vuforia and Metaio, all of which provided stable and consistent tracking but fell down in terms of interactivity and customisation. Since I was using Unity for my work in Virtual Reality it seemed prudent to also use the engine for Augmented Reality.

Circulatory system render

Lymphatic, Reproductive, Skeletal, Respiratory

Musculature render

skeletal system


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