Photogrammetry – Geometry from Photos

I’ve previously explored the possibilities of photogrammetry but that was a couple of years ago (I had someone take about 500 photos of my head… which was actually good practise for the horrible selfie filled future we now live in) and the technology has made significant improvements in the interim. Below you can explore the 3D model thanks to Sketchfab. I have started some clean-up but I wanted to show the mesh in all it’s high-poly-low-detail glory. I’ll be cleaning up in 3DS Max and Mudbox to create a water-tight high detail model as a run-through of the workflow required to go from digital photo to 3D printed physical object. Soon I’ll be able to photograph physical objects and convert them into digital objects to make them into physical objects! …wait… what?


GIF illustrating the texturing through projection. “Peek-a-boo!”

Grid of photos

A relatively modest number of photos considering the coverage I was able to get.

“They're collectible action figures! Not 'dolls'”

“They’re collectible action figures! Not ‘dolls’”


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